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Kaci + Kevin | Lookout Mountain Park Engagement Photos

By On June 11, 2019

Kaci and Kevin are so sweet. Honestly, I think we could have gone anywhere in the world and got breath-taking and genuine photos because they are so natural together. When we first… Read More


Rawley is 6 Months | Lookout Mountain 6-Month-Old Baby Photos

By On January 23, 2019

Rawley is 6 months old and the Redland family is really sinking into being a family of four. It couldn’t be better. Romy, Rawley’s older sister, now loves her little brother. It… Read More


The DeRoses are Expecting! | Snowy Colorado Winter Maternity Photos

By On January 23, 2019

Oh my, Alex is such a glamorous mom-to-be. Last time I saw her bump it was barely there. Now, she is due in just a couple short months and has totally popped.… Read More


Shannon + Joe | Kenosha Pass Engagement Photos

By On December 24, 2018

I met Shannon and Joe on one of the most beautiful Colorado days. We went to the top of Kenosha pass to enjoy all the beauty the mountains have to offer. There,… Read More


Ruth + Colin | Boettcher Mansion Wedding Photos

By On August 15, 2018

Kaela and I stopped for a minute before Ruth and Colin’s ceremony at Boettcher Mansion to take in the scene. We had had such a good day already. We had cried so… Read More


Shayna + Trevor | Lookout Mountain Park Engagement Photos

By On March 21, 2018

When I first met Shayna and Trevor I immediately was drawn to them. They are charismatic and sweet and easy to talk to and be around. They make you feel comfortable from… Read More


JJ is One! | Castle Pines One Year Old Photos

By On March 19, 2018

JJ is already one year old and full of life. I expect nothing less from a child of these two awesome parents. Maddie and Tripper are always happy and fun and up… Read More


Andrea + Frank | Morrison Engagement Photos

By On January 28, 2018

I was lucky enough to meet Andrea and Frank through some other awesome people, Jake and Gina. I was so excited the first time I talked to Andrea on the phone about… Read More


Kayla + Gunter | Breckenridge Winter Wonderland Engagement Photos

By On January 25, 2018

Kayla and Gunter had a deal. She wanted fall photos and he wanted winter, so they both agreed to do a little of both. Oh boy was it fun to go up… Read More


The Santistevans | Twins First Christmas Photos

By On December 8, 2017

I am learning that there is nothing more special than baby’s first Christmas. Oh wait, I think it would be more special if you times it by two! That is exactly the… Read More