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Danielle + Jim | Lionsgate Gatehouse & Chandelier Barn Summer Wedding

By On September 12, 2022

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Nicole + Michael | Lionsgate Dove House Wedding Photos

By On October 1, 2021

Nicole and Michael’s wedding day was simply amazing. Every time I think about it I smile. I think everything starts with intention. Even though Nicole and Michael had already got married they… Read More


Marissa + Solon | Lionsgate Event Center Dove House Summer Wedding

By On August 26, 2021

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Alison + Galen | Lionsgate Chandelier Barn Micro Wedding Photos

By On November 8, 2020

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Jessie + Matt | Lionsgate Event Center Wedding Photos

By On September 14, 2019

Jessie and Matt are married! They had a gorgeous wedding at the Gatehouse last weekend. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day! Jessie and Matt met in high school when… Read More


Amber + Derek | Lionsgate Gatehouse Wedding Photos

By On July 27, 2018

Amber and Derek had a gorgeous wedding last week at Lionsgate Event Center in Lafayette. Although, have already been rockin’ this marriage and parenting thing for the last 10 years. They have… Read More

chandelier room barn lionsgate event center

Meghan + Eric | Lionsgate Event Center Gatehouse Wedding Photos

By On July 5, 2018

Meghan and Eric’s wedding story starts way back when they first met…. in kindergarten!  I’ve known this from the beginning of us meeting when they asked to have part of their engagement session… Read More


Sara + John | Dove House at Lionsgate Wedding Photos

By On July 14, 2017

Sara and John’s love has been years in the making. It is a story of flirting, friendship, and fate. They met years ago when they were both living in Boulder. Sara was… Read More


Catherine + Ross | Lionsgate Event Center Wedding Photos

By On October 3, 2015

Catherine and Ross’s story is a “Tale as old as time.” It starts with the romantic boy who always was in love and waiting for the one person, his soul mate, to… Read More