Emily's passion lies in meeting and forming connections with new people, a quality that perfectly complements her role as a wedding photographer. She embodies the essence of an artist in every sense of the word. During her free time, she channels her creativity into textile artistry and crafting beautiful rugs. Additionally, she loves thrifting and curating vintage and mid-century furniture pieces.
Favorite Vacation Spot:   The Pacific Northwest is my favorite place to visit and decompress. I love the ocean views to the mountain tops, and all of the flora + fauna in between.
Places I've Lived:   I was born and raised in a small Wisconsin town and then moved to Colorado after college.
Favorite Quote:   "How you do anything is how you do everything." - Martha Beck


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Bethany Naes
Bethany Naes Photographer

Bethany Naes

Passion: Loving people well! I had to have a career that was caring for people.
Janae Steinmark
Janae Steinmark Photographer

Janae Steinmark

Passion: Creativity! I believe doing something creative every day is the secret to happiness.
Janae Steinmark
Emily Benke smiling

Emily Benke

Passion: Everything we do is an opportunity to make the world around us more beautiful.