Lakewood Wedding Photos

Elevate Photography loves capturing Lakewood wedding photography.  We are a team of Colorado wedding photographers who are passionate about what they do – Capturing Life. Elevate’s creative and photojournalistic style combined with a commitment to customer service ensure amazing images of the most important day of your life. We are based in Denver, Colorado, but are happy to travel to beaches, mountain tops, ice castles or Lakewood to photograph your wedding.

Enjoy some of our favorite Lakewood wedding photos and scroll below to read more about our experience of photographing there!

bride groom arbor

Bride and groom with wooden arbor at Baldoria on the Water in Lakewood.

wedding party summer tiffany dress

Summer wedding party with red roses and Tiffany blue dresses.

bride dress red roses

Bride with red roses in garden in Lakewood.

groom gray suite

Groom in gray suite of garden at Baldoria on the water in Lakewood

wedding ceremony lakewood

Wedding ceremony on patio at Baldoria on the Water in Lakewood.

wedding party baldoria on the water

Wedding party with green trees in Summer at Baldoria on the Water.

bride groom fence casual

Bride and groom at fence post at Baldoria on the Water in Lakewood.

bride groom walking

Bride and groom walking in grass in Lakewood

bride groom vintage shop

Bride and groom kissing in front of vintage shop in Lakewood

wedding reception pavilion

Wedding reception pavilion at Lakewood Heritage Center

wedding couple historic house

Wedding couple blind first look at historic house in Lakewood.

Wedding party in Lakewood

Wedding party walking in fields on Lakewood Heritage Center

bride groom piggy back

Groom giving bride a piggy back in fields of Lakewood Heritage Center.

Bride groom historic building

Bride and groom at historic building in Lakewood

spring first look snow

Bride and groom first look at park in Spring with pink blossoms and snow.

One of the things we really pride ourself on at Elevate Photography is our experience.  We have photographed many weddings in Lakewood over the years.  We’ve encountered about every situation imaginable and know how to work under pressure.  Combined, our photographers have nearly 50 years of experience!

We know of many locations that we would be happy to take you to get that incredible photo that is a great spread in your wedding album and you will proudly display in your home for many years to come.  Some of our favorite locations for Lakewood wedding photography and locations we have photographed at are Baldoria on the Water and Lakewood Heritage Center.

At Elevate Photography we have a lot of pride in our team approach and how that allows us to offer many things our competition can’t.  Our combined creativity and sharing of ideas keeps us on the cutting edge.  Not only do we share technical ideas for our wedding photography, but we also share experiences and locations that worked well for us.  If one of us finds that amazing location for our couple to have their wedding photos taken in Lakewood, we share that with the team and we are able to take our next wedding couple there and get amazing Lakewood wedding photos.  We also have a back-up in case unforeseen circumstances happen.  This gives you peace of mind that we have you covered and that we are going to get you the best wedding photographs possible.

We also love the relationships we develop with our clients which allow us to get photos that are candid and authentic.  If you are comfortable with your photographer, you are going to forget the camera and be able to enjoy each other and get Lakewood wedding photography that you could have only dreamed of before your wedding day.

If you would like to see some specific weddings we have photographed at Baldoria on the Water.